Runner of the Season (RotS)

Runner of the Season (RotS)

HARRA Individual and Club Competition

HARRA conducts a fall and spring race series for all HARRA members and their affiliated clubs. Each series consists of races in which members score valuable points for themselves as well as their club and team. Each member’s points are used for individual competition leading to the Runner of the Season awards. No club affiliation is required for the individual competition.

Members who have designated an affiliated club also score points for their club and for the club team on which they run. Relays count only for Club and Team competition; they are not considered for individual competition.

Club and Team Competition point totals are kept in the Open, Masters, Veterans, Women's, Masters Women's, and Veterans Women's Divisions.

If you have any questions about the series, please email Fren-Mark Banes (VP Clubs) at clubs@harra.org, or follow the link for Rules and Eligibility Requirements.


Individual - Runner of the Season


The Runner of the Season Program (RotS) exists to encourage friendly competition among our members. It is meant to reward excellence in performance and participation in series races.

Runner of the Season point totals will be kept in the Open Men (Under 40), Masters Men (40-49), Veteran Men (50-59), Senior Men (60+), Open Women (under 40), Masters Women (40-49), Veteran Women (50-59), Senior Women (60+) Divisions for individual runners. No club affiliation is required! Runners will be scored on a percentage of the WMA standards. A runner's final standing will be determined by adding his or her top 3 races together. Prize monies will be determined on an annual basis by the HARRA Board of Directors

Currently: Top 3 runners in each division receive CASH AWARDS! 1st place $120, 2nd place $105, and 3rd place $95. (Winners please email treasurer@harra.org to verify mailing address to receive check.)

Starting Fall Season 2022, while the number of races run will not affect placement, cash awards will only be given to the top finishers who have run at least 3/5 races (or 2/4 if only 4 series races). This is in the interest of rewarding participation as well as performance.

See below for additional details on how the results are calculated.  Email VP CLUBS (clubs@harra.org) for additions or corrections.



Beginning with Spring 2020, HARRA officially moved into the 21st century with the automation of our RotS calculations. Now we can calculate standings quickly after HARRA Series Race results are finalized!! Wait no more to see how you stack up to your competition!

The system is now live at this link: https://harra.swiftally.app/home*

Everything is automated, so it is important that: 1) Information is correct in your HARRA profile with respect to name, age, and club affiliation. 2)Your name and age in the HARRA database must be the same as that in the race results. 3) You must be current with HARRA membership on race day (in past we allowed a 2 day grace period to "get right with HARRA".) 

Standings for Past Seasons (Before Fall 2019 and Fall 2021)

Year Season Comments
2021 Fall Final Results
2019 Spring Final Results
2018 Fall Final Results
2018 Spring Final Results
2017 Fall Final Results
2017 Spring Final Results
2016 Fall Final Results
2016 Spring Final Results
2015 Fall Final Results
2015 Spring Final Results
2014 Fall  Final Results
2014 Spring Final Results
2013 Fall Final Results
2013 Spring Final Results
2012 Fall Final Results
2012 Spring Final Results
2011 Fall Final Results
2011 Spring Revised results 08-Jun-2011
2010 Fall Final Results
2010 Spring Final Results
2009 Fall Final Results
2009 Spring Final Results
2008 Fall Final Results
2008 Spring Final Results
2007 Fall Final Results
2007 Spring Final Results
2006 Fall Final Results
2006 Spring Final Results
2005 Fall Final Results
2005 Spring Final Results
2004 Fall Final Results
2004 Spring Final Results
2003 Fall Final Results
2003 Spring Final Results

Divisions and Awards

Awards are based on the top 8% of runners in each division (based on participation in last year's series). For example, if there were 100 participants in the last Fall series Men’s 50-59 division, then the top eight (8) men this Fall will receive a cash award (8% of 100 = 8).
Important: There is no rounding. So, if there are only 99 men in the 50-59 division, then only the top seven (7) men will receive an award (8% of 99 = 7.92).

Runners receive a percentage score for each race based on the World Masters Association (WMA)* standard times for that distance. A runner's final standing is determined by adding his or her top 3 races together. Prize money is determined on an annual basis by the HARRA Board of Directors.

If you have any questions about the series, please email Fren-Mark Banes (VP Clubs), or check the Rules and Eligibility Requirements.

*NOTE: The World Masters Association was formally known as the World Association of Veteran Athletes.

*Runner of the Season Age Grading and how all this stuff is calculated: Hang on, here's how it's done.

  • Your age on the day of the race is used for the World Masters Association age grading
  • Your age category (e.g., Men 40-49 or Men 50-59) is based on your age in the middle of the season (either the middle race or age between the middle races)