Board Of Directors


NAME: June Harris
Position: President
Email: prez@harra.org
NAME: Roger Boak
Position: VP - Clubs
Email: roger.boak@gmail.com
NAME: Jeff Higgins
Position: VP - Road Race Management
Email: jeffhiggi@gmail.com
NAME: Kate Hallaway
Position: VP - Communication
Email: news@harra.org
NAME: Annie Hadow
Position: Webmaster
Email: webmaster@harra.org
NAME: Michelle Wolpert
Position: Treasurer
Email: treasurer@harra.org
NAME: Suzy Seeley
Position: Secretary
Email: cruzsms@swbell.net
NAME: Subbu Venkat
Position: Membership
Email: members@harra.org
NAME: Lee Greb
Position: At-large Member
Email: lgreb1954@gmail.com
NAME: Theresa Bueno
Position: At-Large Member
Email: tabueno@hotmail.com
NAME: Susan Cita
Position: At Large Member
Email: susancita.bcrr@gmail.com
NAME: Kathi Mahon
Position: Past-President
Email: mahonmobile54@gmail.com
NAME: LaTasha Gary
Position: At-Large Member
Email: lgary9@yahoo.com
NAME: Kelly Ramey
Position: At-Large Member
Email: kellyisoutrunning@gmail.com
NAME: Stephanie Kuzydym
Position: Social Media Chair/Development
Email: info@harra.org
NAME: Melanie Bell
Position: At-Large Member
Email: melanie.bell216@gmail.com


NAME: Tom McBrayer
Position: Co-Director - Equipment
Email: mametm@sbcglobal.net
NAME: Joe and Hope Sellers
Position: Bayou City Classic
Email: desertviewservices@sbcglobal.net
NAME: John Phillips
Position: Co-Director - Equipment
Email: jrphillips@comcast.net
NAME: Dave Piper
Position: Legal
Email: dspiper@aol.com
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