NEW! HARRA Mentoring Program:

HARRA is proud to announce our pilot mentoring program. The objective of the program is to leverage the experience of HARRA runners, but not replace any running coaches or teams.  Mentors will help to create an expanded network in our running community for those that are new or less experienced, while advancing our efforts to drive diversity, equity and inclusion.

Program Objectives:

  • Help grow the mentee’s network by introducing them to other runners and potentially reduce diverse barriers that exist
  • Motivate new runners to help reach their respective goals
  • Share race experiences outside of the city
  • Share best practices and lessons learned (good and bad)
  • Promote run club experience (if any)
  • Optional- invite the mentee to run on occasion, if that is a desire of both parties.

We will target keeping the pilot program to a manageable number of participants, depending on the interest shown, so if you are not selected immediately as a mentor or mentee, please be patient as we advance this initiative. Mentors should be available for a 2-3 month duration (this can be further defined by the mentor/mentee). Please contact prez@harra.org if you are interested in becoming a mentor or mentee.

Power In Motion (PIM):
HARRA offers a very affordable 10 week running clinic for new and intermediate runners. It offers guidance, support, encouragement, training tips and a comprehensive training regimen for individuals wishing to improve their running ability. Each spring and fall session culminates with participants running a goal 5k. Visit the Power In Motion Website for more details of the program and to register.

Discount Program
Houston's running specialty stores, along with a variety of Houston area professionals, offer HARRA members a discount on their products and/or services. Many local races also participate in HARRA's $ Off Entry Fee Program and provide members a discount on their race entry fee.

Volunteer Program - Very Important Performers (VVIP):
The VVIP program recognizes and awards those who volunteer their time for the benefit of HARRA and the local running community. It also helps motivate others to volunteer. Points are tallied for a variety of volunteer activities, including HARRA events and HARRA Series races. Prizes (merchandise and gift certificates) are presented to the top volunteers each Spring at the HARRA Awards Banquet.

HARRA Equipment Rental:
HARRA maintains a very limited inventory of race related equipment including cones, tables, and beverage coolers that can be rented by HARRA clubs. Contact treasurer@harra.org for details.