Road Runners Club of America is a national organization of running clubs located throughout the United States and Canada. RRCA's mission is to represent and promote the common interest of its member clubs and individual runners through education, leadership, programs and other services.

The RRCA is the largest grassroots running organization in America. It was formed by runners to promote their own races and to fight for their rights to do so. Athlete's Rights was a fundamental purpose behind the founding of the organization.

RRCA officials are volunteers elected by the chapter clubs and come from the administration of those clubs for the purpose of providing coordinated national communications, education, programs and services for the clubs. The activities support and provide the opportunity for runners to participate for fitness, wellness, recreation and competition.

For over three decades, the RRCA State Representatives (State Reps) have served as ambassadors for the organization by providing a physical presence in each state for the RRCA. State Reps promote our programs and services to clubs and events in their home state, assist the National Office and the RRCA Board in carrying out the mission, vision and values of the organization and monitor trends and issues at the state and local level and report them to the National Office. In addition they promote membership in local clubs and recruit unaffiliated clubs, events, corporate supporters and individual members.  

Texas is represented by two state representatives -- Marcus Grunewald (North Texas) with the Dallas Running Club, the Dallas Dirt Runners, the White Rock Running Co-op, and the North Texas Trail Runners and Lee Greb (South Texas) with the Houston Striders and HARRA.  Their bios and contact information can be accessed here.

Since 1958, the RRCA has awarded championship events through a competitive bidding process at the National, Regional, and State level to RRCA member clubs and events to promote the sport of distance running. The goal of the RRCA Championship Event Series is to shine a spotlight on well-run events and to award top performing runners in the open, masters (40+), grand masters (50+), and senior grand masters (60+) categories for both men and women. 

The RRCA State Championship designation recognizes our efforts to create premier races in Texas that offer competition for athletes ranging from the elite to those who would like to experience the atmosphere of race day for the first time. Any athlete who registers for any of the RRCA Texas State Championships is automatically eligible for the RRCA State Championship award.  All State Champions at every distance are also recorded in a national database of RRCA State Champions.

The following events are those remaining that have been named the 2015 Road Runners Club of America Texas State Championships:

Monday, September 7 -- 15K -- Fort Worth Runners Club Labor Day 15K Race, Fort Worth
Sunday, October 25 -- Half Marathon -- Houston Half Marathon, Houston
Saturday, December 12 -- Cross Country -- West Texas Running Club Toys For Tots Cross Country Run, Lubbock

Texas is in the RRCA's Southern Region.  These are the RRCA Southern Region Championship events - and their winners to date - for 2015:

Saturday, February 28 -- Half Marathon -- Scenic City Half Marathon, Chattanooga, TN

Overall - Christian Villavic, Manchester, TN (1:14:19) and Teghan Henderson, Pickering, OH (1:18:56)
Masters - Geno Phillips, Chattanooga, TN (1:14:20) and Holly Swinea, Ooltewah, TN (1:38:01)
Grandmasters - Brent Bueche, Maryville, TN (1:26:48) and Glynis Hoover, Chattanooga, TN (1:48:36)
Senior Grandmasters - Alan Newkirk, Mt. Sterling, KY (1:36:42) and Kathi Wagner, Chattanooga, TN (1:54:22)

Sunday, May 3 -- Mile -- Rocket Mile, Rocky Mount, NC 

Overall - Sandy Roberts, Raleigh, NC (4:20.5) and Deanna Foshee, Cary, NC (5:25.8)
Masters - Musa Gwanzura, Roanoke Rapids, NC (4:32.7) and Allie Bigelow, Chapel Hill, NC (5:30.9)
Grandmasters - Pete Gibson, Murfressboro, TN (5:09.8) and Paula O'Neal, Garner, NC (7:43.5)
Senior Grandmasters - Dixon Cook, Greensboro, NC (5:50.4) and Suzanne Gibson, Murfreesboro, TN (8:08.7)

Saturday, August 1 -- 5K -- Woodstock 5K, Anniston, AL

Overall - Josh Whitehead, Madison, AL (15:46) and Justyna Mudy-Mader, Huntsville, AL (17:17)
Masters - Dennis Davis, Gadsden, AL (19:46) and Lori Goldweber, Homewood, AL (20:44)
Grandmasters - Michael Schulte, AL (20:03) and Brooke Nelson, Munford, AL (22:49)
Senior Grandmasters - Craig Cecil, Vestavia, AL (20:32) and Peg Tyler, Anniston, AL (28:37)

Saturday, August 8 -- Cross Country -- Ready For Fall? 5K, Spartanburg, SC
Saturday, September 19 -- 10K -- Toughest 10K, Kemah, TX
Saturday, October 17 -- 15K -- Peachtree City Classic 15K, Peachtree City, GA
Sunday, October 25 -- 10-Mile -- Run for the Water 10-Miler, Austin, TX
Sunday, November 29 -- Marathon -- Space Coast Marathon, Melbourne, FL

These are the RRCA National Championships for 2015:

Saturday, January 10 -- Marathon -- Mississippi Blues Marathon, Jackson, MS

Overall - Jay List, Holland, NY (2:41:34) and Kar Elliott, Calgary, AB, Canada (2:57:39)
Masters - Thomas Smith, Wethersfield, CT (2:49:33) and Nadine Hamilton, Allentown, PA (3:31:11)
Grandmasters - Peter Beauvais, Desoto, TX (3:07:40) and Vicki Bentley-Condit, Grinnell, IA (3:53:42)
Senior Grandmasters - Larry Unger, Lincoln, MA (3:38:59) and Dorothy Lupariello, Shelton, CT (5:01:04)

Sunday, April 12 -- 10-Miler -- Presidio 10-Miler, San Francisco, CA

Overall - Vojta Ripa, Turlock, CA (59:18) and Angela Strange, San Francisco, CA (1:03:51)
Masters - Scott Dunlap, Woodside, CA (1:01:19) and Kari Rust, Portola Valley, CA (1:10:43)
Grandmasters - Steven Butler, San Francisco, CA (1:06:25) and Polly St. Geme, San Francisco, CA (1:12:45)
Senior Grandmasters - Bruce Kirschner (1:08:35) and Virginia Gjedsted, San Francisco, CA (1:40:43)

Sunday, April 26 -- 5K -- Hy-Vee Road Races 5K, Des Moines, IA

Overall - x
Masters - x
Grandmasters - x
Senior Grandmasters - x

Sunday, June 14 -- Mile -- Go! Mile, North Little Rock, AR
Saturday, August 15 -- Half Marathon -- News and Sentinel Half Marathon, Parkersburg, WV
Sunday, October 25 -- 10K -- Marine Corps Marathon 10K, Washington, DC
Saturday, October 31 -- Ultra-Marathon -- Nashville Ultra Marathon, Nashville, TN

These are the 2015 Road Runners Club of America Texas State Champions:

Saturday, January 10 -- 5K -- Bold in The Cold 5K, Grapevine

Overall - Patrick Strong (16:19) and Emily Field (18:24)
Masters - Jeff Kirk (18:39) and Laura Nelson (20:28)
Grandmasters - Ron Winzen (19:21) and Pamela Toelle (22:27)
Senior Grandmasters - Tom Alvey (22:30) and Kim Andres (26:23)

Saturday, March 14 -- 10K -- Bayou City Classic 10K, Houston

Overall - Calum Neff (32:17) and Lauren Smith (36:27)
Masters - Luis Armenteros (33:30) and Alexis Llewellyn (43:14)
Grandmasters - Tom Barbee (38:33) and Rose Rhoton (44:24)
Senior Grandmasters - Victor Aguirre (45:16) and Yong Collins (50:36)

Sunday, March 15 -- Marathon -- Seabrook Lucky Trail Marathon, Seabrook

Overall - Daniel Bucci (3:03:07) and Henrita Van Wyngaarden (3:23:42)
Masters - Mark Junkans (3:06:51) and Amy Ewing (3:31:20)
Grandmasters - Drew George (3:07:23) and Leslie May (4:16:22)
Senior Grandmasters - Arthur Brooks (3:44:23) and Karen Berglund (5:56:56)

Saturday, May 2 -- 10 Miles -- White Rock and Roll 10-Miler, Dallas 

Overall - Conner Wilson (59:39) and Dawn Grunnagle (59:26)
Masters - Rick Meyer (1:01:31) and Elaine Bell (1:14:14)
Grandmasters - Rey Balderas (1:08:28) and Linda Kelly (1:20:01)
Senior Grandmasters - Gregg Long (1:17:45) and Sunao Saito (1:29:14)

Below are last year's 2014 Road Runners Club of America Texas State Champions:

Sunday, March 16 -- Marathon -- Seabrook Lucky Trail Marathon, Seabrook

Overall - Daniel Minisini (2:58:36) and Kelly Ramey (3:34:57)
Masters - Gordon Christie (3:10:17) and Jacqueline O'Brien-Nolen (3:37:57)
Grandmasters - Jacob Tonge (3:26:37) and Sue Wheeler (3:57:59)
Senior Grandmasters - David Johnson (3:52:35) and Karen Berglund (5:54:23)

Saturday, March 29 -- 5K -- Bellaire Trolley Run 5K, Bellaire

Overall - Ryan Smith (15:45) and Lauren Smith (17:42)
Masters - Peter Lawrence (16:37) and Laura Bennett (19:03)
Grandmasters - Tuan Nguyen (18:11) and Barbara Stoll (20:18)
Senior Grandmasters - Peter Mullin (18:07) and Sabra Harvey (20:45)

Saturday, May 3 -- 10-Mile -- Dallas Running Club Rock and Roll, Dallas

Overall - Giovanni Pipia (57:32) and Cassie Carroll (1:08:06)
Masters - Rick Meyer (1:00:19) and Frances McKissick (1:14:31)
Grandmasters - David Watkins (1:10:13) and Linda Kelly (1:22:57)
Senior Grandmasters - Paul Sullivan (1:15:01) and Sunao Saito (1:25:50)

Saturday, June 7 -- 8K -- Run in the Sun 8K, San Angelo

Overall - Joshua Leyva (31:51) and Gina Mordica (34:55)
Masters - Cory Sanders (34:09) and Kathy Owen (38:19)
Grandmasters - Kelly Moore (37:26) and Myrna Lackey (44:58)
Senior Grandmasters - Kent Fish (35:03) and Suzanne Waterman (1:29:28)

Monday, September 1 -- 15K -- Fort Worth Runners Club Labor Day 15K, Fort Worth

Overall - Richard Powell (50:46) and Elizabeth Northern (58:04)
Masters - Creg Arnold (58:22) and Christina Bell (1:05:32)
Grandmasters - Jeff Kirk (1:00:27) and Kimberly Drechsel (1:08:51)
Senior Grandmasters - Jim Sansone (1:10:16) and Debbie Clark (1:14:39)

Saturday, September 20 -- 10K -- Toughest 10K Kemah, Kemah [Press Release]

Overall - Ryan Smith (32:47) and Lauren Smith (37:34)
Masters - Peter Lawrence (35:38) and Vicki Melnick (45:12)
Grandmasters - Joe Melanson (40:42) and Jody Berry (46:39)
Senior Grandmasters - Keith Willhelm (46:47) and Billie-Kay Melanson (52:39)

Saturday, October 25 -- Half Marathon -- 13.1 Dallas

Overall - Logan Sherman (1:10:24) and Tanja Ivandic (1:26:33)
Masters - Christopher Jackson (1:21:30) and Tellie Cobos (1:29:50)
Grandmasters - Colm Bergin (1:22:09) and Susan Sabonis Joiner (1:46:39)
Senior Grandmasters - Steven Segien (1:36:45) and Roberta Litoborski (2:04:52)

Sunday, November 16 -- 25K -- Houston Masters Sports Association Classical 25K, Houston

Overall - Calum Neff (1:22:23) and Lauren Smith (1:35:06)
Masters - Luis Armenteros (1:28:55) and Vicki Melnick (1:50:58)
Grandmasters - Russell McKay (1:38:44) and Melissa Hurta-Crites (1:54:05)
Senior Grandmasters - Jerry Hammervold (1:40:12) and Theresa Pearsall (2:16:28)