Running Development Fund


Donations to this fund will used to support running in the region.   HARRA has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to trails and parks development, such as at Memorial Park, thanks to proceeds from our membership and the annual Bayou City Classic.  We have also given to Run for Wellness 5k, Bel Inizio, Girls On the Run and similar grassroots running charities.  HARRA is a 501(c)3 non-profit through its affiliation with the Road Runners Club of America, so contributions (but not membership dues) are tax deductible.


Yearly Running Club Membership Dues


HARRA Running Club Dues:


There are annual dues for a standalone club of $30 payable by check to HARRA and mailed to PO Box 572497, Houston, TX 77257, or online for $32.50 (click "Donate Now" to pay onlinie).  If you pay online, please be sure to email members@harra.org and treasurer@harra.org that you have done so.


Running club membership entitles the club to compete in the Fall and Spring Series, to be listed / advertised on our website, to submit an article to Texas Runner & Triathlete Footprints section monthly, and to participate as an organizaton in HARRA coordinated events.    A running club's HARRA membership does not grant individual HARRA membership to anyone.   If an individual wants to be a member of HARRA, they need to join HARRA as a member directly.


A parent organization with several geographically distributed affiliated groups may join with a group membership.    The first "parent" affiliate dues are $30 and each additional group affiliate's dues are $15.  Affiliates are generally legally connected under their non-profit or for profit status and generally can be accessed through the parent’s website as well as their own.  Each affiliate shall have the privileges of a standalone club.


Running Club Qualification:


Both nonprofit and for-profit running clubs are welcome in the HARRA membership, as they are in the RRCA.  Clubs must have at least ten individual members and function year around.   Running clubs generally conduct group runs, may organize training, youth programs, track workouts, social gatherings, and may organize running events owned by the club.


Nonprofit running clubs can include government run recreation centers, other nonprofit organizations, such as the YMCA and the Boys & Girls Club, and youth only running clubs or cross country programs supported by a school, parent booster club, or local parent teacher association.


For profit running clubs can include for-profit training programs operated by health clubs, running retail stores, fitness organizations, and individual coaches.


Unlike the RRCA, HARRA has no membership plan for standalone running events that do not function year round as a running club.