HARRA - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Where can I find my HARRA Number ?

You can get your your HARRA number from the master list. This list is updated monthly.
After you get your number, please enter it into your profile in the members area.
If you joined recently and your number is not on the master list, please contact the Membership Chair at members@harra.org.

It takes a few days for your payment to clear the system. If notices are sent during this time, you may get one. You can always check your profile (log in to the members area) or the master list to see if your dues are up to date.

How do I join HARRA?

There are several ways to join HARRA. Click here to see them.

How do I update my profile?

Log on to the members area and go to the, "My Info" section.

Is there a HARRA Membership Card?

We do not issue membership cards.

How much does it cost to join HARRA?

HARRA annual membership is very reasonable. Click here for details. Remember, we do not prorate membership dues

Does HARRA sponsor any training programs?

Yes. Power in Motion (PIM) is an excellent program for new runners.

How do I post an event to the HARRA Calendar?

If you want your race listed, send the following information to the HARRA Web Tamer
Date of the Race
Name of the Race
Website link for more information
Location of the Race.

What races are in the HARRA series?

There is a Spring and Fall race series. Details can be found on the HARRA Race Series link.

How do I volunteer for HARRA activities (e.g., races, operations, etc.)?

To Volunteer, go to our Volunteers - VIPs link.

I'm having problems logging in to the HARRA Members Area

Try deleting the cookies and/or temporary files on your computer.

How can I be sure to see the latest changes to a page on the HARRA web site?

Your computer may cache (store) web pages that you visit. If you "refresh" your screen, you'll get the latest version of the web page (Internet Explorer utilizes the "F5" key; Other browsers may use other keys/methods).